I just learned the local Animal Services are looking to talk to my Mom.  They tried to visit her home but she didn’t answer the door (because of her disability, Mom sleeps a lot during the day so I can see her missing them).  When they couldn’t reach her, they went to a neighbours house to inquire.  That neighbour called Lynn.

I don’t know why the local authorities are looking for Mom.  She only has 1 dog, and definitely isn’t an animal hoarder.  Her dog is her pride and joy, and her only company in that lonely house, so I’m confident he’s well cared for despite the clutter.  He doesn’t exactly have a lot of room to run around, but he’s a lap dog and Mom takes him with her when she goes out.

Neither Lynn nor I initiated this.  I wonder who did?  I’m also wondering how this will all resolve??

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