The morning alarm goes off.  You reluctantly roll out of bed and start the daily grind…again.  You stumble bleary eyed to the washroom to brush your teeth.  Maybe you need a little encouragement to get you going!

Motivate Yourself into a More Positive Mood

How?  Here’s what I did this weekend.

Chalkboard surrounding a plain bathroom mirror

A little pick me up

Put your craftiness to good use

I’ve mentioned before that my Mom has so many crafty skills and supplies that she never seems to finish anything before moving on to her next project.  I am dangerously close to committing the same crafty crime, so I decided to use up some of my supplies while perking up my frame of mind.

Close up of the words Be Brave, written on a chalkboard

Be Brave…

I used a roll of chalkboard contact paper I bought at the dollar store.  To cut it, I used a digital cutter called the Silhouette.  I LOVE this machine, and have used it in many different ways.  For this project, I used a simple but elegant frame shape cut in half.  After sticking it to the wall, I simply wrote in a message for Maddie.  She needs a little encouragement to try difficult tasks right now.  The beauty of using chalkboard vinyl is that it’s easy to wipe off and write in new messages as needed.  Even better is I’ve used up some of my craft supplies that have been sitting around for a long time.

Close up of inspirational words on chalkboard beside bathroom mirror. You can do hard things.

You really can. Don’t give up.

I made this about 2 years ago with the same Silhouette machine.  I used blue vinyl instead of chalkboard, and applied it directly to the mirror.  It’s held up really well with all the cleaning a bathroom mirror gets.  It’s a reminder to myself, as well as my children/husband/guests, that we’re valuable just the way we are.  I know it’s helped me when I’ve been in a bad mood on a Monday morning.  It’s hard to photograph a mirror, so looking at it from this angle is tricky.  But it’s clear when looking at it straight on.

Vinyl lettering on mirror. You are beautiful today.

Remember this, always.

What messages speak to you?

This is such a quick and easy craft.  The vinyl is removable if I ever tire of the look.  The beauty is writing whatever words inspire you personally.  What words would you use to remind yourself of your value, your inner beauty, your worth?  How might you use this idea to encourage others in your household?  The possibilities are endless!

When you’re feeling low or need a little pick me up, try this to help motivate yourself into a more positive mood.


  1. Lynn
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    I have a picture in my bathroom that someone made for me…..I too need daily reminders. It looks like this

    Believe it or not it has helped me a great deal over the past few months. It has me thinking that I might even get it as a tattoo on my inner wrist.

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